20 Most Promising Predictive Analytics Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising Predictive Analytics Solution Providers - 2018

The most vital aspect of a business is gaining new and retaining existing clients with market-ready solutions. This can be jeopardized if a company is unprepared in adopting market trends as per the changing market scenarios. Predictive modeling solutions of today through demand forecasts and analyzing patterns of consumer behavior empower organizations to optimize their productivity and mitigate risks. The technology uses advanced algorithms to predict future market situations based on the historical and current data and how it can be leveraged to provide a more customer-centric product. With steady growth in machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence, data scientists can now create an effective predictive model based on different market scenarios to improve decision making.

As an avant-garde technology, predictive analytics is revolutionizing the economy from healthcare to finance by forecasting possible trends, customer inclinations, challenges, anomalies, and demand as per different market scenarios. For instance, predictive models are being leveraged by the finance industry to mitigate risk associated with investment portfolios, while healthcare providers can leverage the technology to create a diagnosis map by predicting the progress of a disease over a certain period. This next-generation technology has endless possibilities in transforming businesses.

The predictive analytics technology ecosystem is filled with countless solutions, which makes selecting the right solution provider a cumbersome process for CIOs. Our distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts, and the editorial board of CIOReview has narrowed the final 20 predictive analytics solution providers that exhibit competence in delivering the best-in-class predictive models.

We present to you CIOReview’s ‘20 Most Promising Predictive Analytics Solution Providers-2018’.

Company Name

Company Description

Asset Performance Networks Delivers improved turnarounds projects, asset, and operational performance for global petroleum, chemical, and energy companies
Catalytic Data Science Integrates and scales the scientific workflows required to create new insights and achieve RandD milestones faster
Cloverleaf Analytics Provides the customer access to real-time analytics to discover trends and insights across the entire enterprise
Datatist Provides AI as a service for constructing robust closed-loop, one-stop predictive marketing cloud products
Datawatch Deliver data intelligence solutions for operational efficiency and analytical insights in businesses
Distilled Analytics Help solve the global identity crisis through predictive analytics, improving AML/KYC and credit to drive digital and financial inclusion
Domino Data Lab Data science platform that enables data science teams to rapidly develop and deploy models that drive breakthrough innovation and competitive advantage
Elder Research Provides data-driven advanced analytics solutions to deliver a high return on analytics investment
Environics Analytics Help connect businesses with consumers and markets by employing innovative approaches, robust methodologies and a collaborative culture
Excel Medical Electronics Makes predictive analytics an actionable process, predicting the preventable, making it possible to achieve zero unexpected hospital deaths
Lone Star Analysis Provides extremely reliable predictive and prescriptive analytics services that help clients make the best possible decisions about their work
MicroStrategy Provides a comprehensive analytical platform to help its clients meet their business needs
One Concern Provides unprecedented situational awareness and actionable insights for decision-makers
PandoLogic Helps employers source talent faster and more efficiently than ever using predictive algorithms, machine learning and AI
Predata Helps clients across industries to anticipate risks and identify opportunities using machine learning algorithms
Qlarant Deliver innovative solutions and unrivaled results with an agile, expert workforce and trusted, strategic relationships
QSocialNow Provides intelligent solutions to successfully overcome the challenges posed by the digital revolution
Quantifind Uses explanatory analytics to help financial crimes analysts reduce false positive alerts and marketers explore, understand, and change their revenue impacts
Relativity6 Developed a set of predictive models, machine learning algorithms, and randomized field experiments to reactivate lapsed customers for clients effectively
Versium Delivers automated predictive analytics solutions, which provide actionable data intelligence faster, more accurately and at a fraction of the actual cost